away plugin



The away event, fired when an IRC AWAY event is received.

Event attributes:

  • user - A User object of the user that changed away status.
  • message - The message of the AWAY user’s AWAY status (away message).


client.on('away', function (event) {
    console.log(event.user.getNick() + ' is now away: ' + event.message);


away(reason, network, fn)
Param string reason:
 The reason to be away (away message).
Param string network:
 The network to execute the command on.
Param function fn:
 The callback function to be called when the call has been finished.

Sets the client as away on network with an away message (reason).


client.away("busy",; // usage in an event listener
client.away("busy", "freenode"); // send to specific network
client.away("busy"); // send to all networks