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event based and extensible irc client library with multi-network support

For support, report an issue on github or join our IRC channel at ##caffeinery @


This is all the code needed to get you started with coffea!

var client = require('coffea')(['', '']); // or put just one network as a string

client.on('motd', function (err, event) {
    client.join(['#foo', '#bar', '#baz'],;

client.on('message', function (err, event) {
    console.log('[' + + '][' + + '] ' + event.user.getNick() + ': ' + event.message);
    //[freenode][#foo] nick: message
    event.reply(event.message); // I'm a parrot

with ssl

If you want to enable SSL for a connection, you have to use a network config object when connecting:

var client = require('coffea')({
    host: '',
    ssl: true


The best way to get started with coffea is playing around with it! You can use the Index to get a list of functions and events you can make use of.

coffea function: A function called with client.function() if coffea was imported to client (see Quickstart)


coffea event: You can listen to an event by defining an event listener like this (make sure to replace event with the event name):

client.on('event', function (err, event) {
    if (err) throw err; // something bad happened!

    console.log(event); // do something with event here

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